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Peaty's Bicycle Assembly Grease (100g)

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Peaty's Bicycle Assembly Grease

For general use in headsets, bottom brackets, bolts and axles, Peaty’s Bicycle assembly grease uses the latest generation of base oils and additives to provide long-lasting, low friction performance under extreme pressures.

- Keeps your bike running quieter & smoother for longer
- Long-lasting lubrication under extreme loads
- High resistance to water washout
- Anti-corrosion protection
- Readily biodegradable
- Carbon safe
- 100% recycled packaging
- Capacity: 100g

1) Fully degrease & dry parts to be greased.
2) For removal of waterproof bearing greases use our XXX Solvent Degreaser.
3) Apply grease using a gloved finger, M15 threaded grease gun or paintbrush.
4) Reassemble parts and wipe away any excess grease with a clean cloth.