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Peaty's Speed Grease (100g)

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Peaty's Speed Grease

Peaty’s speed grease runs 2.5 times longer than our assembly grease, whilst still providing long-lasting performance under extreme pressures. Perfect for use in race hubs, bottom brackets and other fast-moving parts.

- For use in race wheel bearings, bottom brackets and fast moving parts
- Anti-corrosion protection
- Long-lasting lubrication under extreme loads
- Anti-corrosion protection
- High resistance to water washout
- Carbon safe
- 100% recycled packaging
- Capacity: 100g

- This product is designed for professional use only. If you’re unsure what you’re doing, then please consult your local bike shop, workshop or mobile mechanic.
- For use in fully sealed parts only.
- If using to replace grease in bearings then use only with brand new bearings and seals. attempting to strip, re-grease and re-build old bearings will result in damaged bearing seals.
- Do not allow grease to contact brake sisks or pads.